Bulletin Winter 1988

Thirty-seventh Congregation for the Conferment of First Degrees 2
Chancellor's Speech at the Anniversary Dinner 5
The Tanner Lecture and Seminars 7
News in Brief 8
Interview—Professor John Espy 11
Conference Series 13
Conference on Analytic Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science 13
Laser Seminar and Workshop 13
Colloquium on the Application of Law on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits 13
Conference on Moral Education 14
Symposium on Painting of the Ming Dynasty 14
International Symposium on Hong Kong Literature 15
International Conference on Chinese-Western Comparative Literature 15
International Workshop and Symposium on Therapeutic Endoscopy 15
International Colloquium on Chinese Music 16
The Fourth Scientific Meeting of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists 16
Cultural Events 18
Profiles 20
Personalia 22
Gifts and Donations 23