Bulletin No. 2, 2014

Scientists, Muses and their Labs 2
Environment and Heritage 4
Medicine and Beyond 14
Omnipotence of Information Engineering 20
Taking Face Recognition to New Levels 21
Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre 22
Tackling the Problem of Male Infertility 15
Hong Kong’s First Institute of Integrated Medicine 16
Lui Che Woo Institute of Innovative Medicine 17
CUHK-University of British Columbia International Centre on Nursing Leadership 18
State Key Laboratory of Digestive Disease (Partner Laboratory in CUHK) 18
Centre for Bioethics 19
Salt-Tolerant Wild Soybean 5
Global Food Security & Climate Change 6
Chemist’s Quest for Clean Fuel 7
CASS-CUHK Chinese Archaeology Joint Research Base 8
Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability 9
Institute of Future Cities 10
CUHK-Peking University-University System of Taiwan Joint Research Centre for Language and Human Complexity 12
CUHK-UU Joint Centre for Language, Mind and Brain 13
Thirteenth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 24
Mr. Chan Chun-wing Terence 24
Mr. Chu En-yue David 24
Dr. Koo Ti-hua 24
Mr. Lam Wing-tak Bill 24
Dr. Leung Fung-yee Anita 25
Dr. Wang Chi 25
Dr. Wong Kwai-lam 25
Donning White Coats to Pledge Medical Professionalism 26
Vigilance Against Diabetes 28
Yao Ling Sun Professor of Architecture Shares Quest for ‘Right’ Answers 30
The Best and the Brightest 32
CUHK Joins Top Nuclear Research Team of CERN 32
Fresh Graduates Receive French Scholarships 32
Genetic Engineering Team Wins Gold in iGEM 33
Medical Student Awarded Runner-up for Neurobiology Prize 33
Engineering Students Recognized for Creativity 34
CUHK Team Shines in Shakespeare Festival 34
CUHK Rowers Clinch 13th Championship in a Row 35
National Universities Badminton Championship 35
News in Brief 36
Appointments 36
New/Reappointed Council Members 36
New Dean of Graduate School 36
New Faculty Deans 36
Reappointment of College Head/Master 36
Honours and Recognition 37
Joseph Sung Named Hong Kong Fulbright Distinguished Scholar 37
Fanny Cheung Honoured for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology 37
Wang Jun Wins Neural Networks Pioneer Award 37
CUHK Green Efforts Widely Recognized 38
University Library Wins Interior Design Award 38
Fine Arts Graduates Recognized for Achievements 39
Architecture Alumna Honoured for Innovative Design 39
Research 40
Novel Gene Mutation Causing Spinocerebellar Ataxia Identified 40
New Anticoagulant More Effective in Stroke Prevention for Asian Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 40
Effectiveness of Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting Proven 41
Ortho-K Lens Can Cause Microbial Keratitis in Children 42
Effectiveness of TEA for Treating Liver Cancer Revealed 42
Activities and Events 43
HKJC Mega Donation for Teaching Hospital and Institute of Ageing 43
Establishment of Yao Ling Sun Professorships 43
Naming Ceremony of Lau Chor Tak Lecture Theatre 44
Pi Centre Launched to Boost Student Entrepreneurship 44
Seven Hundred Students Participate in Social Service Programme 45
Sculpture Unveiled in Golden Jubilee Alumni Garden 45
Intellectual Cross-Currents 46
Workshop on Medical and Health Care in Hong Kong 46
Conference on Social Welfare in Chinese Societies 46
International Symposium Promotes LGBTI Rights 47
South African Minister of Health on Ebola Epidemic 47
Shaw Prize Laureate on Beauty of Math 48
Christopher A. Pissarides on New Normal in China 48