Newsletter No. 372

Jiving in the Square 1
Features 2
Interdisciplinary Learning: Return to the Foundation of University Education 2
CUHK Gears up for New Curriculum 2
Harvard Scholar-Educator Calls for Broader Foundation of Knowledge 2
Campus News 4
600 Run for Fun 4
Shaw’s Silver Jubilee Celebration 4
Keep Caring with Fun and Joy 4
Conference on Drug Safety 5
Strategies for Preventing Medication Errors 5
Star Lecturers on Global Economic Development 6
Seven Receive Exemplary Service Awards 6
Meeting Guangzhou Asian Games Winners 6
Achievements 7
Two CUHK Projects Conferred State Awards 7
New Treatment Approach for Esophageal Motility Disorders 7
GLOBE Programme Receives Innovation Award 8
CU Staff Bagged Six Squash Awards 8
Services 8
Announcements 9
New Faculty Dean 9
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 9
Election for Change of MPF Scheme 9
The Rabbit in Chinese Art 9
Application for Summer Programmes 2011 9
Exemplary Service Award Open for Nomination 9
Postgraduate Halls Tutor Vacancy 9
Personalia 10
Ten Questions for... 12
Prof. Joseph W.Y. Lau 12