Newsletter No. 378

Heads of Commonwealth Universities Gather at CUHK 1
Features 2
Handing Students the Master Key: Alumnus Donation to Support General Education 2
Campus News 3
AIDS Guru Holds Seminar at CUHK 3
66 Staff Receive Long Service Award 3
ACU Conference of Executive Heads at CUHK 4
Centre for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response 4
State Key Lab in Oncology in South China Strategic Summit 5
Academia Sinica Academicians Visit CUHK 5
CUHK Scholars Take Part in Establishment of New Academy 5
Fund for Japan Earthquake Relief Sent to Red Cross 6
Personalia 6
Announcements 7
7th Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival Performance Finals 7
CUHK Recognized as Prescribed Foreign University for Donation Tax Credit from Canada Revenue Agency 7
Obituary 7
A Touch of Class 7
<em>Self-Portrait</em> 7
Style Speaks 7
The Elements of Style 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Mrs. Lau Kwok Lai-mui Sophie 8