Newsletter No. 390

Emptying Oneself in Art Creation 1
Feature 2
The Familiar Silhouettes Who Connect Us 2
In Plain View 4
Footprints on the Net: From Artificial Intelligence to Data Mining 4
Prof. Chan Lai-wan 5
Style Speaks 5
Forms of Address 5
Campus News 6
The 70th Congregation 6
Shaw College Huen Wing Ming Building Works Commence 7
Naming of the Research Centre for Chinese Ancient Texts 7
Seminar on American Welfare Reform 7
Strategies to Ensure Medicine Safety and Quality 8
Personalia 8
Concurrent Appointments 8
Appointments/Re-appointments 8
Re-deployment 8
Resignations 8
Retirements 8
Announcements 9
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 9
The Statutory Ban against Idling of Motor Vehicle Engines 9
Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995)—Investment Option Change and Termination of Investment Manager for Growth Fund 9
Cervical Cancer Vaccination Campaign 9
Privileged Putonghua Test Enrolment for CU Link Cardholders 9
Art Museum Greeting Card for the Year of the Dragon 9
Thus Spake... 10
Prof. Mak Su-yin, Vice-Chair of the Department of Music 10
A poem by Prof. Mak Su-yin 10