Newsletter No. 416

Bye-bye, Bottled Water! 1
Marginalia 2
Feature 2
Hit the Road, Everyone! 2
Hello Life! A Journey in Retrospect 2
Yang Zhao: Literature, History and Social Justice—My Way (18 March) 2
Hello Future! An 'Under Construction' Concert! 2
'A picture is worth a thousand words' Campaign 2
In Plain View 4
Where Social Behaviour Meets Computing Systems 4
Prof. Irwin King 4
The Four Vs of Big Data 4
Mouth-watering Morsels 5
Heart-melting Molten Chocolate Cake 5
Campus News 6
Anniversary Distinguished Lectures 6
Chief Justice on Reality and Future of Constitution 6
Chinese Expert Speaks on Sino-Japanese Relations 6
Symposium on CSL Teaching and Learning 6
SARS a Decade On: A Conference for the Health Professionals 7
Genetic Predictor of Chinese Diabetic Patients Found 7
Three Graduates Awarded Scholarships for Studies in Japan 8
My Eventful Life on the Sports Fields 8
Public Lecture on Climate Change and Climate Services 8
Innovative Mega-deal-making Insights and Lessons 9
Business Leader's Wisdom 9
Arts and Leisure 9
<em>Illuminate</em> 9
Then vs Now 10
Central Campus (c. 1973 vs 2013) 10
Announcements 11
Statutory Minimum Wage 11
Summer Sports Programme 11
Sharing Session on Transport and Campus Development 11
Ins and Outs 11
Appointments/Re-appointments 11
Resignations 11
Retirement 11
Thus Spake... 10
Prof. Shen Xu Hui Simon 12