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Friends on the Run

A comic-book look at the SHHO x Zheng Sheng marathon coalition

SHHO X Zheng Sheng Joint Running Team

In 2015, S.H. Ho College first teamed up with Christian Zheng Sheng College for the 42 km full marathon in Athens. The joint running team kept up their momentum in the Cheorwon DMZ* International Peace Marathon in September 2016. Together they wrote the chapters on taking up daunting challenges and developing camaraderie on the run. During the nearly half-year training, the runners encouraged and supported one another. Though they came from two tracks which could not possibly be more different, the runners looked ahead to the same goal and basked in friendship while achieving it.

* DMZ(Demilitarized Zone)
A heavily guarded area near the border between North and South Korea, which has been designated a demilitarized zone or military restricted area


Prof. Samuel Sun,
Master of S.H. Ho College

I'm pleased to see SHHO and Zheng Sheng students deepening their bonding in the tough training and races, where hardships and adversities only made them stronger and more resolved to dash the finishing line. I want to take this opportunity to thank The S.H. Ho Foundation for their support to help students leave their comfort zone to experience a different path.


I’ve joined the full marathon joint team for the second consecutive year. The driving force behind is to challenge myself and to grow in step with my teammates. The Zheng Sheng teammates are cheerful and sincere. I looked forward to each training session. Each race has made the team members tougher and see their dreams more clearly. For me, I’ll continue running to enrich my life.

Judy Chen,
Student Runner of S.H. Ho College


This article was originally published in No. 492, Newsletter in Feb 2017.

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