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Lest We Forget Our Quest for the Beautiful and the Good

85th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees

Late autumn once again marked the time to bid farewell to CUHK students. On 15 November, CUHK held its 85th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees, with Dr. Norman N.P. Leung, Chairman of the University Council presiding over the occasion and conferring 4,150 bachelor’s and 5,672 master’s degrees.

It was the first time Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President, attended a Congregation and shared his thoughts with the new graduates. In his speech, he told the stories of three CUHK students and invoked his own example to call on students to remain true to their aspirations and passion, and be steadfast in their pursuit of what is beautiful and good. He urged students not to stop learning, and to keep pursuing the truth.

Lauding Excellent Teaching and Research

November also marks the golden time to harvest and honour past efforts. The Congregation doubled as the stage for the inauguration of the Choh-Ming Li Professorship and award ceremonies for outstanding teachers and researchers.

May all aspirations, and toil along the way, be not lost.

Amy L.


Number of Degrees Awarded

Undergraduate Programmes


Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Business Administration


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education


Bachelor of Education


Bachelor of Engineering


Bachelor of Laws


Bachelor of Chinese Medicine


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


Bachelor of Nursing


Bachelor of Pharmacy


Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Social Science


Master’s Programmes


*Including 46 graduates who were simultaneously awarded the Bachelor of Education degree
#Including one graduate who was simultaneously awarded the Bachelor of Social Science degree


Choh-Ming Li Professorship

  • Prof. Zou Jun, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Mathematics

University Education Award 2018

  • Prof. Fan Tingting, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. Lai Hon-weng John, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. Yuen Kwan-yuk Jacqueline, Faculty of Medicine

Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2017

  • Prof. Cheung Lik-kwan, Faculty of Arts
  • Prof. Wan Chun-ying Lisa, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. Leung Fung-lin Elean, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Cheng Kwok-keung Michael, Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Xi Chao, Faculty of Law
  • Dr. Ng Chi-sun, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Chan Kwok-wai, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Chow Po-chung, Faculty of Social Science
  • Dr. Chui Pui-yi Apple, General Education

Young Researcher Award 2017

  • Prof. Wu Ka-ming, Faculty of Arts
  • Prof. Gao Leilei, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Prof. Jong Siu-yung Morris, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Zhang Li, Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Julien Chaisse, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Li Wai-chi Polly, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Wu Yilin, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Bai Ying, Faculty of Social Science

Postgraduate Research Output Award 2017

  • Ms. Li Zigui, Faculty of Arts
  • Ms. Huang Feifei, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dr. Gu Xuan, Faculty of Education
  • Ms. Dou Qi, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Xu Jiankun, Faculty of Medicine
  • Mr. Liu Song, Faculty of Science
  • Ms. He Qingqing, Faculty of Social Science

This article was originally published in No. 528, Newsletter in Dec 2018.

congregation graduate awards Choh-Ming Li Professorship University Education Award Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award Young Researcher Award Postgraduate Research Output Award