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The Headlines

New Faces on Campus

The University welcomed about 4,000 freshmen to its campus for the new academic year. Over 500 local talents and around 620 non-local students have been admitted through the Non-JUPAS admissions scheme. All of them have achieved outstanding results in internationally/locally recognized examinations including IB, SAT, GCE A-Level and Taiwan GSAT. Many of these students are top scorers attaining from 43 to a full score of 45 in the IB examination or from 3A* to 5A* in the GCE A-Level examination. They are admitted to Global Business Studies, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering programmes.

Among the non-locals, besides those recruited from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, students hail from 33 other countries and regions including Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenia, the UK, the US and Vietnam. For the first time, students from Chile, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Mexico, Myanmar, Tunisia and Ukraine are admitted to CUHK’s undergraduate programmes.

Through the National Unified Universities and Colleges Entrance Examination System, CUHK has admitted 309 undergraduate students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of mainland China. Some of them are from more distant places such as the cities of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang and Hami in Xinjiang. Among them are 21 students from rural households and 14 ethnic minority students, enriching the multicultural learning environment on campus.

Reported by J. Lau with information from OAFA

Local Student

Lam Wai-to Keith

Admitted to the Enrichment Mathematics programme with an outstanding IB score of 43, Keith has self-studied additional mathematics, completed online courses on mathematics theories and astrophysics, and enrolled in overseas summer classes to build a solid foundation in mathematics and science subjects. He hopes to contribute to Hong Kong’s technological research by applying theories into practice.

Non-local Students

He Jinmin

Jinmin comes from Yunnan and is a national second-level tennis athlete. She appreciates the campus environment and the college system of CUHK, and looks forward to broadening her horizons through both general and physical education. She chose to study law given her strong interests in reading, thinking and communicating with people. She sets her sights on being a multinational lawyer.

Sven Zajonz

Sven is grateful for CUHK’s tuition scholarship designated for German students. He had been in Hong Kong for an exchange programme during high school. He has made economics his major and believes CUHK will be an ideal place for learning Chinese language and culture. He cannot wait to meet new friends and explore his potential through joining extra-curricular activities and clubs/societies.

Aditi Singh

As a top scorer in India, Aditi is admitted to the Artificial Intelligence: System and Technologies programme, the first of its kind among local institutions. She finds the CUHK community amiable. Its unique college system gives her opportunities to make friends with students from other majors. She looks forward to a new chapter at CUHK, with an aim to achieve great heights and to become a leader in research and technology field in the future.

Thiha Kuang Sett

Thiha from Myanmar, a recipient of the HKSAR Government’s Hong Kong Scholarship for ‘Belt and Road’ Students (Myanmar), gets into the Professional Accountancy programme. With a passion in mathematics, he has taken part in many international mathematics contests and strives to nurture his analytical and logical thinking. He hopes to exchange ideas with other top students and learn from them. He aspires to become a social entrepreneur to facilitate cultural exchanges between Myanmar and China.


This article was originally published in No. 543, Newsletter in Sep 2019.

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