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Meet the new non-local students in a time of distancing

Around 500 students from all corners of the globe were welcomed into the lap of CUHK as the new school year unfolded. All of them had applied to the University with brilliant results achieved in an impressive array of public examinations, such as IB, SAT, GCE A-Level, Taiwan GSAT and Mainland gaokao.

Non-local students came from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and 22 countries and regions including Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, the UK and the US. Some of these students were awarded the HKSAR Government Scholarship and the Belt and Road Scholarship. For the first time, Armenia, Mongolia, Spain and Sweden saw their students enrol in the University's undergraduate programmes.

Through the mainland's National Unified Universities and Colleges Entrance Examination System, CUHK admitted some 300 undergraduates from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, some hailing from as far as Suihua in Heilongjiang and Wulumuqi in Xinjiang. The new recruits also include 22 from Hui, Zhuang, Yi, Man, Yao, Miao, Bai, Mongol, Korean and Tujia ethnic groups. Coming out on top academically, a lot of them possess multiple talents—many are musicians and dancers, and are versatile in both arts and sciences.

As the coronavirus rages on, these promising young men and women are denied the pleasure of setting foot on campus to breathe its air and feel its breezes. Yet their enthusiasm is by no means dampened, as they familiarize themselves with the school, their fellow schoolmates and coming university life through online orientations and activities. This may be an eerie time to start an important life chapter, but why should we say no to the lesson life took pains to teach us: that our lives are moving feasts taking no definite shapes, and an openness to the inconceivable shall allow us to make the most of it?

International students

Thant Thiri Min

Thant Thiri from Myanmar studies hospitality and real estate. She is impressed by the programme's robust curriculum and the University's study environment. She intends to join scores of extracurricular activities and cross-pollinate ideas and talents with schoolmates. Thant Thiri plans to return to her home country working in the hotel industry for the benefit of the community at large upon graduation.

Jigang Bryan Kim

Bryan from South Korea takes a liking to Hong Kong as a metropolitan city with a rich blend of cultures. He chose to study global economics and finance because he was attracted by the University's forward-looking education policy, international reputation, and the flexible credit-based curriculum. He hopes to make friends with schoolmates of different majors in the College and enjoy the full benefits of the unique characteristic of CUHK education.

Bhumika Dembla

Born and raised in India, Bhumika believes that she can develop a global outlook by studying in Hong Kong, an international business hub with cultural diversity. Majoring in global studies, she hopes to apply knowledge from diverse academic disciplines to solving global problems. Bhumika feels learning in CUHK will be challenging but also fulfilling, and envisages for herself a role in international arena as a diplomat upon graduation.

Supakorn Supalaset

Admitted to the Faculty of Engineering, Supakorn from Thailand is a tech lover and aspires to become a specialist in computer science. Covering his many interests such as big data analytics, machine learning, advanced computer and network security and many more, the engineering programme furnishes him with the best preparation he can get. He is excited to explore the latest developments in information technology, and is looking to fully avail himself of the enhancement and exchange opportunities at CUHK.


Mainland students

Cui Zhenglong

Zhenglong, the freshman taking integrated BBA as his major, is from Hubei. Despite pressure brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, Zhenglong managed to stay positive and make good use of the one-month extension to gear up for the exam. He stayed focused taking online classes at home and took care to work and rest at regular hours. All this brought him good results and the award of a University Admissions Scholarship by his dream school.

Li Yuji (front)
Li Xueji (back)

Twin sisters Yuji and Xueji from Henan have been admitted to science and integrated BBA programmes respectively. Since senior years, they had aspired to study at CUHK. Xueji, the elder sister, was impressed by the university's medical school while Yuji admired the former Vice-Chancellor, father of fibre optics Sir Charles Kao. Both of them were winners of first-class award in the National High School Mathematical Competition in Henan province. They are also excellent painters and Latin dancers.

Mu Shiquan

Despite an arts background, Shiquan from Yunnan achieved full marks in gaokao mathematics. His secret to success lies in keeping alive his interest in the subject, theorizing it through the lens of science and humanities and studying ways to solve the questions. He appreciates CUHK's missions to combine tradition with modernity and to bring together China and the West, and hopes to cultivate a global vision on the footing of traditional Chinese culture.

Sun Yizhou

Yizhou comes from Jiangsu and is a national second-level international chess athlete. She learnt chess at a young age and won the national championship after years of practice. Not only does playing chess enhance her logical thinking and analytical skills, but it also endows her with the resilience and determination needed to get through gaokao. Yizhou is mesmerized by the beauty of CUHK campus and its scholastic atmosphere and looks forward to stepping out of her comfort zone. She cannot wait to meet new friends of different backgrounds and cultures.


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