Newsletter No. 495

Cover Photo 1
Climb High to See Wide 1
Feature 2
Stephen Li, Jeffrey Hui Climb High to See Wide 2
Campus News 4
Genomic Studies for Sustainable Agriculture Recognized by UGC as Area of Excellence 4
Launching Ceremony of ‘Veggie Fun @ CUHK’ 4
The Undying Passion for Cricket 4
The D.H. Chen Foundation Scholars Roundtable Discussion 5
Ho & Ho Foundation Scholars Tea Gathering 5
The International Women’s Day Celebration Luncheon 5
Announcements 6
CU Link Card Replacement 6
Summer Sports Programme 6
Latest Exhibitions of the Art Museum 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 6
Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995)—Investment Forum 6
DraftCraft 7
A Few Tips on Apothegms 7
Anatomy of a Brand 7
The Correlated Dynamics: Earth System Science Programme 7
Viva Voce 8
Prof. Chair Sek-ying 8