Embrace our Culture

Art and Culture

A vast array of performances were staged to create a vibrant and cultural atmosphere on campus, epitomizing the mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West.

  1. The Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival
    4–6.6.2013 Photo
  2. Golden Jubilee Drama The Professor
    8–9.2013 Photo
  3. An Operatic Journey of Cultural Heritage through Peking, Kunqu and Cantonese Traditions
    8–10.10.2013 Photo Website
  4. CUHK Golden Jubilee Alumni Concert
    22.11.2013 Photo
  5. From the Treasure House: Jewels from the Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    10.1–19.5.2013 Photo Website
  6. Radiant Legacy: Ancient Chinese Gold from the Mengdiexuan Collection
    5.5.2013–16.3.2014 Photo
  7. Images of CUHK—Oil Painting Exhibition by Chen Keng
    22.10–15.11.2013 Photo
  8. 'China Unearthed: Soaring Phoenix, Rising Dragon' Exhibition
    25.10.2013–21.3.2014 Photo
  9. Embrace our Culture, Empower our Future—CUHK Alumni Art Exhibition
    21–26.11.2013 Photo
  10. Two Masters, Two Generations, and One Vision for Modern Chinese Painting: Paintings by Gao Jianfu and Lui Shou-kwan in The Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Oxford
    7.12.2013–15.5.2014 Photo
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