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CUHK members of different generations and fields have their own inspiring stories. The video series 'CU50•The People' shows the many facets of the CUHK spirit.

'CU50•The People': www.50.cuhk.edu.hk/en/cu50ThePeople


Mr. Ch'ien Mu Photo Video

Founding President of New Asia College

'Apart from science and democracy, Mr. Ch'ien Mu believed that Confucianism was indispensable to China; it was also what the country lacked. To promote Confucianism for the benefit of China, Mr. Ch'ien came to Hong Kong to establish New Asia College. “New Asia” was his hope for fostering a brand new Asia.'

—Mr. Wong Cho-chi, Graduate of New Asia College (1956)

Dr. Choh-ming Li Photo Video

Founding Vice-Chancellor of CUHK

'According to British tradition, only one university was allowed for each colony. Dr. Choh-ming Li devoted much of his effort to break convention and CUHK was granted equal status with HKU. Another significant achievement was that the University obtained an extensive campus which took up the entire hillside.'

—Prof. Chen Fong-ching, Former University Secretary of CUHK

Prof. Charles K. Kao Photo Video

Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2009)

'Professor Kao believed CUHK's mission should be to foster world-class graduates. Moreover, he wanted to develop CUHK into a base for nurturing the power of knowledge in Hong Kong. It was the same goal as Dr. Choh-ming Li's, but he took a step further and turned that vision into reality.'

—Prof. Ambrose King, Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK

Prof. C.N. Yang Photo Video

CUHK Distinguished Professor-at-Large, Nobel Laureate in Physics (1957)

'When I was nearly 80 years old, I was thinking of where to keep my medals, papers, manuscripts and letters. Finally I decided to place them at CUHK. It was the right decision. I have a good relationship with the University. Moreover, the University has excellent administration, vision and finances. Keeping them here would benefit future generations.'

Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun Photo Video

Master of S.H. Ho College, 'Father of Plant Gene Cloning'

'In 1970, I started to participate in agrobiotechnology research in the US. I wanted to bring this experience and technology back to China, so I returned to Hong Kong. I chose CUHK because it was my alma mater, and, CUHK was still in its developing stage. I like the feeling of being an underdog, which drives me to strive. Moreover, I like the college system. I graduated from New Asia College and gained a lot from it. I aspired to contribute to the development of the college education.'

Prof. Dennis Y.M. Lo Photo Video

Li Ka Shing Professor of Medicine, CUHK; Pioneer in discovering the presence of fetus DNA in maternal plasma

'Due to the limited number of fetal cells in a pregnant mother's blood, eight years had passed and we had not perfected the tests. However, we saw small incremental progress day-by-day, which prompted us to carry on.'

Prof. Yu Kwang-chung Photo Video

Renowned Literature Scholar and Poet; Former Reader at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature

'CUHK gave me a lot of inspiration for my works. The campus is situated alongside the natural beauty of Ma Liu Shui. I could see Ma On Shan and the mountains behind it, one layer after another. It's just like a Chinese ink-and-wash painting.'

Prof. Lo Wai-luen (aka Xiao Si) Photo Video

Renowned Writer and Educator; Former Professor at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature

'I spent much of my time on collecting books and publications on Hong Kong literature and it is worthless if I just keep them at home. It would be most meaningful if these materials could be made accessible to the public. I was delighted that the University Library accepted my collection and turned it into the Hong Kong Literature Collection.'

Stepping Outside the Campus, Showing We Care Photo Video

CUHK has been encouraging students to reach out to the community and learn about the lives of different social classes. Students of Shaw College paid a visit to the elderly at Grass Island, while students from the Music Department initiated the project 'MOTIVIC' to help the visually impaired to experience the world through music.

Prof. Emily Chan Photo Video

Director, Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC); Professor at the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

'I hope to pass a message to my students, nurses, doctors and other public health professionals. It does not need to be doing something big. Even simple things such as giving the patients respect can make them realize the dignity and value of life.'

Prof. Edward Y.Y. Ng Photo Video

Founding Chairman of Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation; Professor at the School of Architecture

'I always tell my students that life would be very hard if they only focused on themselves. Life would be much happier if they share their visions with others. What we should do in the future is not to focus on our own needs but the needs of others.'

Prof. Gladys W.L. Tang Photo Video

Director of the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies; Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages

'I hope to do more towards developing education for deaf people in Asia, Hong Kong and China, so they will no longer be a group of people with an incomplete language, but deaf people with bilingual skills.'

Teachers' Back-Up Photo Video

To recognize staff who provide outstanding service, the Personnel Office of CUHK has been presenting Exemplary Service Award since 2001.

Lee Yuk-ping, office assistant, the Department of Statistics, is one of the awardees of 2010–11. She says 'I'll describe quality campus service with “three hearts”: firstly, a sensitive heart … secondly, putting other's heart at ease, and thirdly, a happy heart.'

CUHK as Home Photo Video

This video features stories of CUHK staff members who work in ordinary positions but excel with excellent service.

'I have been working here for a long time. The student hostel is like my own home, and the students are like my children. When I talk with them, I feel younger,' says Yu Ho Lai-ling, workman I, United College.

Prof. Hu Shiu-ying Photo Video

Prof. Hu Shiu-ying was a botanist of great international renown. In 1968, she joined CUHK as a senior lecturer in the Department of Biology of Chung Chi College and continued her research work in the diversity of Hong Kong vegetation. Over the years, Prof. Hu collected over 30,000 specimens. She was affectionately known to her colleagues as a walking encyclopedia on botany. She once said, 'The motivation for my research is to go into nature and unify with it.'

Dr. Tse Yuen-man Photo Video

On June 23, 2003, World Health Organization removed Hong Kong from the list of SARS 'Infected Areas'. In that battle against the deadly viral disease, Dr. Tse Yuen-man, a graduate from CUHK lost her life serving her patients.

To commemorate Dr. Tse, the 'Daughter of Hong Kong', a video about her story was made as one of the 'CU50•The People' video series.


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