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Creating Knowledge

As an academic community of great vigour and enormous vitality, the University, together with its Faculties, departments and units, organized seminars and conferences throughout the year, creating knowledge and bringing new ideas to the local academic arena.

  1. Conference on the Forty Years of Environmental Protection in China
    3–5.1.2013 Photo Website
  2. International Conference on Foodways & Heritage: A Perspective of Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage
    3–5.1.2013 Photo
  3. Prof. Richard J. Davidson: Change the Brain by Transforming the Mind
    6.3.2013 Photo Video
  4. Prof. Tu Weiming: A Truly Meaningful 'We' in Cultural China: How Is It Possible?
    7.3.2013 Photo Video
  5. APAIE Conference and Exhibition
    11–14.3.2013 Photo
  6. SARS A Decade On: A Conference for the Health Professionals
    12.3.2013 Photo
  7. BiG Forum: Going out of China: Innovation Mega-Deal Making Insights and Lessons
    23.3.2013 Photo
  8. Mr. Cheng Ka-ho, Ms. Yu Chui-yee, Mr. Daniel C.W. Lee: My Eventful Life on the Sports Fields
    23.3.2013 Photo Video
  9. A Dialogue with Grand Master Hsing Yun, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung and CUHK Student Representatives on 'Embrace our Culture; Empower our Future: A Dialogue with CUHK Students on Humanistic Concerns at Its 50th Anniversary'
    8.4.2013 Photo Video
  10. International Symposium on Culture and Music of China's Cultural Revolution
    12–13.4.2013 Photo
  11. International Conference 'The Future of English in Asia: Perspectives on Language and Literature'
    19–21.4.2013 Photo
  12. International Conference 'Half Century of Migration and Regional Integration in South China'
    17–19.5.2013 Photo
  13. International Conference on New Directions in the Development of Creative and Media Industries
    7–8.6.2013 Photo
  14. International Conference on Nucleic Acid Enzymes and Enzymes in Human Diseases
    16–21.6.2013 Photo
  15. International Conference on the Philosophy of Criminal Punishment
    18–20.6.2013 Photo
  16. International Conference 'Advances in Medicine'
    29–30.6.2013 Photo Video
  17. Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities 'Asian Urbanism and Beyond'
    15–17.8.2013 Photo
  18. Law Deans' Summit on Legal Education in the Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges
    26.10.2013 Photo
  19. Inaugural WUN Global China Conference on Family Transition, Ageing, and Social Security in China
    5–6.12.20135–6.12.2013 Photo Website
  20. Golden Jubilee University Presidents' Forum
    6–8.12.20136–8.12.2013 Photo
  21. Colloquium on the Arts and Humanities in Civic Society
    8.12.2013 Photo Video
  22. 50–50 Family Business Conference
    10.12.2013 Photo Website
  23. International Conference 2013—Gender and Migration: Changes and Challenges
    10–11.12.2013 Photo
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