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A number of distinguished persons were conferred honorary fellowships and honorary doctorates, becoming members of the University. The first batch of Choh-Ming Li Professorships were installed and awarded to 11 outstanding professors.

Conferment of Honorary Degrees Photo

17.10.2013, 6.12.2013
  1. Dr. Li Kwok-po David Photo
  2. Prof. Barry James Marshall Photo
  3. Dr. Elsie Tu Photo
  4. Mr. Wong Yan-lung Photo
  5. Prof. Zhong Nanshan Photo
  1. Prof. Andrew D. Hamilton Photo
  2. Prof. Yang Fujia Photo
  3. Dr. Ronnie Chan Chichung Photo
  4. Dr. Katie Yang Leung Yin-fong (alias Fong Yim-fun) Photo

Conferment of Honorary Fellowships Photo Video

  1. Mr. Chan Chee-hoi Warren Photo
  2. Dr. Chan Sui-kau Photo
  3. Mr. Huen Wing-ming Patrick Photo
  4. Prof. Lee Kam-hon Photo
  1. Dr. Lee Lok-sze Rebecca Photo
  2. Dr. Leong Siu-hung Edwin Photo
  3. Prof. Mike McConville Photo

Installation of the First Batch Choh-Ming Li Professors Photo

  1. Prof. Chan Ka-leung Francis, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics
  2. Prof. Wong Ching-ping, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Electronic Engineering
  3. Prof. Wong Tak-jun, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Accountancy
  4. Prof. Cheung Mui-ching Fanny, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology
  5. Prof. Hau Kit-tai, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Educational Psychology
  6. Prof. Lau Wan-yee Joseph, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Surgery
  7. Prof. Zhou Xunyu, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
  8. Prof. Chan Ngai-hang, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Statistics
  9. Prof. Chan Hon-fu Raymond, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Mathematics
  10. Prof. Xie Zuowei, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemistry
  11. Prof. Yeung Wai-ho (in absentia), Choh-Ming Li Professor of Information Engineering
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