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World renowned scholars and prominent professors of the University's Faculties were invited to share experience and expertise to help promote and disseminate knowledge.

CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lectures Photo

  1. Prof. Philip Zimbardo: My Journey from Evil to Heroism
    29.1.2013 Photo Video
  2. The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li: The Essence of Our Society: From a Written Constitution to Reality and into the Future 50 Years
    22.3.2013 Photo Video
  3. Prof. Ezra F. Vogel: Can China and Japan Make Peace?
    28.3.2013 Photo Video
  4. Prof. Pai Hsien-yung Kenneth: New Aesthetics of Kunqu: Tradition in the Modern Era
    18.4.2013 Photo Video
  5. Prof. Herbert W. Marsh: Student Evaluation of University Teaching: Recommendation for Policy and Practice
    2.7.2013 Photo Video
  6. Prof. Zhong Nanshan: From SARS to H7N9—Management of Acute Respiratory Virus Infection in China
    17.10.2013 Photo Video
  7. Prof. Lee Ou-fan Leo: The Role of Scholars/Intellectuals in the Age of Globalization
    29.11.2013 Photo Video
  8. Prof. Yau Shing-tung: 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard
    23.12.2013 Photo Video

CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair—Public Lecture Series Photo

  1. Prof. Lee Ou-fan Leo, Prof. Kwan Tze-wan: The Ideal and Reality of University Education
    9.3.2013 Photo Video
  2. Prof. Emily Chan: Evidence-based Health & Medical Intervention: How Do We Do Our Work in Rural Ethnic Minority Communities in China?
    19.4.2013 Photo Video
  3. Prof. Cheung Kwok-wai: Rhapsody on Innovation
    8.6.2013 Photo Video
  4. Prof. Chan Chi-fai Andrew: Strategies for Building Successful Brand Image
    27.7.2013 Photo Video
  5. Prof. Chu Ming-chung: Ghost Particles and the Evolution of the Universe
    24.8.2013 Photo Video
  6. Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun: Sailing the Seas of Science: The Dream of Hong Kong Plant Scientists
    17.9.2013 Photo Video
  7. Mr. Chan Tak-hang, Prof. Leung Seung-ming Alvin, Dr. Yuen Pong-yiu, Prof. Barley Mak: Shaking off Internet Addiction: Issues and Challenges
    21.9.2013 Photo Video
  8. Prof. Helene Fung: How to Prepare Yourself for an Enjoyable and Productive Old Age?
    5.10.2013 Photo Video
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