Empower our Future

Love and Care

Upholding its tradition of a humanistic spirit, the University focuses the power of its members in order to contribute to society and the nation, and create a prosperous future for the needy.

  1. Building of CUHK Golden Jubilee Wu Zhi Qiao at Gansu Province
    28.4–8.5.2013 Photo Video
  2. CU50 • Care Tree Planting Day
    11.5.2013 Photo Video
  3. Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme
    8.6.2013 Photo
  4. I•CARE—Zheng Sheng College Service Project
    18–28.6.2013 Photo
  5. Mid-Autumn Festival Elderly Care Programme
    14.9.2013 Photo
  6. CUHK celebrates Golden Jubilee with the elderly
    5.10.2013 Photo
  7. The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Flag Day
    19.10.2013 Photo
  8. CUHK Health Check
    6–25.11.2013 Photo
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