Bulletin Autumn‧Winter 1997

IASP 20th Anniversary Reunion 2
ICS at Thirty: A Portrait of the Institute of Chinese Studies 1967–97 6
'97 CU Alumni Day 12
In Preparation for Career on the Mainland: The China Career Development Award Programme 14
Research News 19
A Heated Combat: Suppressing the Growth of Tumour Cells with Hyperthermia 20
We Are What We Eat: Cooking Up Hong Kong Identity—A Study of Food Culture, Changing Tastes and Identity in Popular Discourse 23
From <em>Helicobacter Pylori</em> to Peptic Ulcer to Gastric Cancer 27
Metal Silicides by Ion Implantation with a MEVVA Ion Source 31
Profiles 36
News in Brief 42
Gifts and Donations 54