Bulletin Autumn‧Winter 2001

Interface Between University and Schools 2
Understanding University Education and Campus Life 3
Widening the Perspective of Secondary School Students 8
Working Towards Flexible Admission Policies and an Ideal Curriculum Structure 12
Helping to Improve the Effectiveness of Schools 16
A Resources Centre in Support of Education Reform 23
Tertiary and Secondary Education in the Midst of Change 29
Number One in Asia: CUHK's EMBA Programme 30
Chinese Medicine Research and Further Development: One of Three UGC-supported Areas of Excellence 2001 32
Research News 36
Exploring Cross-cultural Managerial Behaviour 38
Tai-chi and Resistance Training Exercises: Would they really improve the health of the elderly? 42
Chung Chi College Celebrates Golden Jubilee 45
The 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering 48
News in Brief 50