Newsletter No. 339

News & Events 1
CUHK Confers Five Honorary Fellowships 1
Asia’s First Computer-assisted Orthopaedics Laboratory 3
Average Monthly Salary of CUHK Graduates Reaches $18,000 3
VC Leads Delegation to MIT 3
Ten Questions for... 4
Fok Tai Fai 4
A Touch of Class 5
Red Cat 5
Features 6
Continue to Share Their Joy 2
In Memory of an Eminent Scholar: The 60th Anniversary of Philosophy Department 6
Bronze Statue of Prof. Tang Chun-I Unveiled 6
Conversations with Yu Ying-shih and William Theodore de Bary 7
Yu: Tang played a key role in HK’s cultural scene 7
De Bary: Tang revived Confucian studies at New Asia 7
Discoveries & Achievements 8
Grand Challenges Explorations Grant Acquired for Combating Flu 8
Prof. PC Leung Wins Humanity Award 8
CUHK Academic Exchange Receives International Award 9
Research on Single Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy Bears Fruit 9
Personalia 10
International & Community Services 11
Announcements 12
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 12
Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995)—Investment Option Change 12
Recruitment of Resident Tutors at Postgraduate Halls 12
Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition 12
University Swimming Pool Notice 12
Relocation of Morningside College and S.H. Ho College Interim Offices 12