Calendar 2001–02

Introduction 15
Calendar 2001-2002 17
Teaching Terms 17
Meetings, Major Events and Holidays 23
Part 1 Establishment 25
University Officers 27
The Council 29
Council Committees 32
College Board of Trustees 37
The Senate 42
Senate Committees 47
College Assembly of Fellows 53
Advisory Boards and Committees 58
Emeritus Professors 68
Graduates <em>Honoris Causa</em> 69
Part 2 General Information 73
The University 75
Origin 75
The Ordinance 76
Academic Structure and Policy 76
Research and Development 78
Finance 79
Lands and Buildings 79
Residential Accommodation 81
Academic Dress 83
Liaison with the World of Learning 87
The Constituent Colleges 90
Chung Chi College 91
New Asia College 92
United College 93
Shaw College 94
Part 3 Research Units and University Extensions 97
Research Institutes and Centres 99
Institutes of Chinese Studies 99
Art Museum 100
Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art 100
The Ng Tor-tai Chinese Language Research Centre 101
Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture 101
Research Centre for Translation 101
Research Institute for the Humanities 102
Resource Centre for the Study of Hong Kong Culture 102
The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 103
Assessment and Training Centre 103
Centre for Chinese Business Studies 104
Centre for Cyber Logistics 104
Centre for Financial Research on China 104
Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research 105
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 105
Centre for Research and Development of Putonghua Education 106
The Hong Kong Centre for the Development of Educational Leadership 106
Hong Kong Cancer Institute 107
Institute of Chinese Medicine 107
Institute of Science and Technology 108
Hong Kong Bioinformatics Centre 108
Hong Kong Centre of Sports Medicine and Sports Science 109
Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science 109
Materials Science and Technology Research Centre 110
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 110
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 111
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited 112
Faculty and Departmental Research/Consultancy Units 113
Assessment and Training Centre 113
The Biotechnology Laboratory 113
Brain Disease Laboratory 114
Cantonese Research Centre 114
Cardiovascular Surgical Research Laboratory 115
Centre for the Advancement of E-commerce Technologies 115
Centre for Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Research 116
Centre for Cognition and Brain Studies 116
Centre for Development Psychology 117
Centre for Environmental Policy and Resource Management 117
Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics 118
Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion 118
Centre for Housing Innovations 119
Centre for innovation and Technology 119
Centre for Nutritional Studies 120
Centre for Pharmacoeconomics Research 120
Centre of Research and Promotion of Women's Health 121
Centre for Scientific Analysis of Ancient Artifacts 121
Centre for University and School Partnership 122
Cheng Suen Man Shook Centre for Hepatitis 122
Chinese Teaching Information Technology Centre 123
Clinical Psychology Centre 123
Comparative Literature Research Programme 123
Computer Science and Engineering Consultancy Unit 124
Dementia Research Unit 124
Diabetes and Endocrine Centre 125
The Drug and Poisons Information Bureau 125
The Drug Evaluation Laboratory 126
Electronics Consultancy Unit 126
Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre 126
Gynaecologic Cancer Research Laboratory 127
The Hong Kong Centre for Evidence-based Nursing and Midwifery 127
Hong Kong-China Pathology Exchange Centre 128
The Hong Kong Foundation for Research and Development in Diabetes Meilitus 128
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control 129
Information Engineering Consultancy Unit 129
Linguistics Research Laboratory 129
Marine Science Laboratory 130
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 130
Novo Nordisk Diabetes Meilitus Clinical Trial Unit 131
The Orthopaedic Learning Centre 131
The Practice and Research Centre 132
The Psychiatric Genetics Research Unit 132
Research Laboratory for Food Protein Production 132
Research Laboratory for Food Science 132
Shatin Community Clinic for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer 133
The Social and Public Health Psychiatry Unit 133
Statistical Consulting Services Unit 134
Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Consultancy Unit 134
Telemedicine Centre 134
Theatre Laboratory 135
Unit for Research on Assisted Human Reproduction 135
University Pathology Service 135
University Extensions 136
School of Continuing Studies 136
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 138
Part 4 Support Facilities, Services and Staff Organizations 139
The Library System 141
Universities Service Centre 142
The Chinese University Press 142
Information Technology Service Centre 143
Services for Students and Student Activities 145
Health Service 146
Sports Facilities 146
The Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 146
Information and Public Relations Services 147
University Publications 147
Staff Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 148
Teachers' Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 149
Part 5 Department Profiles and Programmes of Studies 151
Department Profiles 153
Faculty of Arts 153
Faculty of Business Administration 157
Faculty of Education 160
Faculty of Engineering 162
Faculty of Medicine 164
Faculty of Science 172
Faculty of Social Science 175
Full-time Undergraduate Studies 179
Faculty of Arts 182
Faculty of Business Administration 182
Faculty of Education 202
Faculty of Engineering 208
Faculty of Medicine 215
Faculty of Science 223
Faculty of Social Science 228
Non Faculty-based Courses 241
Part-time Undergraduate Studies 253
Postgraduate Studies 264
Faculty of Arts 271
Faculty of Business Administration 273
Faculty of Education 282
Faculty of Engineering 287
Faculty of Medicine 289
Faculty of Science 294
Faculty of Social Science 305
Inter-faculty Programme 314
Student IT Competence 328
International Asian Studies Programme 330
Part 6 Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid 333
Fees 335
Scholarships and Financial Aid to Students 341
For Full-time Undergraduates Programmes 341
For Part-time Undergraduates Programmes 350
For Postgraduates Programmes 351
For Overseas Postgraduate Studies 354
For Office of Academic Links 355
For the Constituent Colleges 355
Part 7 University Ordinance and Regulations 365
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 367
Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies 402
Regulations Governing Admission to Part-time Undergraduate Studies 416
General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies 418
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Medical Studies 427
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Post-registration Nursing Studies 434
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Pre-registration Nursing Studies 438
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies in Chinese Medicine 442
Regulations Governing Four-year Full-time Undergraduate Studies in Education 445
General Regulations Governing Part-time Undergraduate Studies 448
General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies 457
Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine 468
Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science 471
Regulations Governing Associate Students, Auditing Students and Associate Research Students 474
Regulations of the University Library System 482
Part 8 Staff List 487
Teaching Departments 489
Office of Distinguished-Professor-at-Large 489
Faculty of Arts 489
Faculty of Business Administration 499
Faculty of Education 506
Faculty of Engineering 512
Faculty of Medicine 521
Faculty of Science 569
Faculty of Social Science 578
Research Institutes/Centres 586
Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 586
Hong Kong Cancer Institute 586
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 587
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 587
Institute of Chinese Medicine 588
Institute of Chinese Studies 589
Institute of Science and Technology 592
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 592
Research Institute for the Humanities 592
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited 593
Ancillary Academic Units 594
Office of University General Education 594
School of Continuing Studies 594
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 595
Library System 596
Universities Service Centre 597
The Chinese University Press 597
Information Technology Service Centre 598
Administrative and Service Units 600
Vice-Chancellor's Office 600
Registry 600
Secretariat 601
Bursary 602
Personnel Office 603
Internal Audit Office 603
Campus Development Office 604
Estates Management Office 605
Office of Student Affairs 605
University Health Service 606
Office of Academic Links 607
Research and Technology Administration Office 607
Office of Administrative Services 608
Other Service Units 609
Colleges 611
Chung Chi College 611
New Asia College 612
United College 613
Shaw College 613
Appendices 615
Student Enrolment 617
Campus Map 626