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Christoffer Clement
Christoffer Clement
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Christoffer Clement, Year 1 student in Quantitative Finance


Why did you choose to study at CUHK?

I’ve wanted to become an investment banker since I watched Eddie Murphy’s Trading Places when I was 10. I also want to learn Putonghua. CUHK is one of the world’s best universities, and of course, Hong Kong is a major financial centre. Studying here would prepare me well for a job in my field of choice. It’s also a bilingual university. The Finance Trading Laboratory of the Faculty of Business Administration is equipped with Bloomberg and Reuters terminals and supported by real-time data feed from all major stock exchanges in the world, allows me to experience real-market operations through practical training. 

What’s best and worst about your experience here?

The best part is the huge emphasis on preparing students for jobs through internship training. Different investment banks come to campus to introduce their work. This is great because an important part of majoring in finance is being able to secure a job upon graduation. None of the big investment banks are represented in Denmark. The worst part I guess would be having to take a couple of courses in Cantonese, including football. That said, my classmates help to translate for me, which makes it better. Having to go uphill and downhill in the heat and humidity is also quite a challenge.

How are things outside the classroom?

Everyone is friendly on campus although a few students prefer to speak in Cantonese. Everyone tries to help and explain things to me. I sometimes go to Sha Tin with my friends. I’ve also made trips to town on my own. I’ve been to Tsim Sha Tsui where I had two suits, eight shirts, and six ties made at a tailor shop for HK$11,000! I’ve also been to Central to look at the skyscrapers, walk around the stock exchange, visit the Peak at night. The skyline is what I like most about Hong Kong. And — would you believe it? — I actually enjoy the hectic pace of life and the crowds. I love Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui! Food wise, the experience is new because in Denmark the only Chinese food you get is fast food. I like sweet and sour pork, but chicken cartilage will need getting used to. 

Any travel plans?

For my year of exchange, if I had a choice, I’d like to go to the University of Pennsylvania, obviously because of the Wharton School of Business. My College, S.H. Ho, also has connections with Brown University. But anywhere in China, Singapore, Japan and the US would be fine, because these are the major or upcoming financial centres of the world. I’d like to avoid Europe if possible since that’s where I come from. For leisure, I’d like to visit Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia as I like tropical forests. 

Has your experience in Asia changed your perspective of the world?

Well, not yet. I come from a small country which is used to looking out at the world. Denmark is not so big that we don’t care about the rest of the world. Before coming to CUHK, I was in Taiwan for two weeks to take part in a geography olympiad. It gave me an idea of how students study in Asia. And Hong Kong and Shenzhen are where I want to be working in. You know what they say: Asia is where it’s at. The 19th century belongs to Europe, the 20th century to the US, and the 21st century to Asia.

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