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Chiu Shing-fung
Cheung Kin-tat
Niu Ben
Christoffer Clement
Roberto Li
Mitul Goel
Chou Shiun-yi
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A Cross-section of Our New Students

  • The Global Business Studies programme has always been a favourite among the cream of the crop. Chiu Shing-fung, who obtained six As in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination this year, also opted for this programme. He looks forward to gaining professional and commercial knowledge from it and to take full advantage of opportunities to study in the US and in Denmark. In the long run, he hopes to leave his mark in the business sector. 

  • Seventeen students were admitted through the CUHK Sports Scholarship Scheme. Ten had represented Hong Kong in major sports events. Cheung Kin-tat won one gold, one silver and one bronze in the swimming events at this year’s National School Games. The gold was the first won by a Hong Kong swimmer in this competition. His performances at the 2010 Youth Olympics, Asian Games and East Asian Games were outstanding.
  • This year saw CUHK’s first student recruitment in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Niu Ben from Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia has been admitted to the Business Stream. Having grown up in a Mongolian city with a wild character and traditional culture, there runs in his blood the hardiness and steadfastness of the Mongol race which would stop at nothing less than the goal. He had used a photo of the four Chinese pillars at the main entrance of CUHK as his cell phone wallpaper to spur him on to the goal of becoming a member of the University when he was preparing for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.

  • Christoffer Clement, a student from Denmark who gained a grade equivalent to an IB score of 43 at the Danish university entrance examination, was admitted to the quantitative finance programme at CUHK. Last year he took part in the International Geography OIympiad held in Taipei. The experience prompted him to explore the possibility of studying in a different culture. With a strong interest in finance, he decided to come to CUHK as soon as he found that a quantitative finance programme was available here. He hopes that the programme will equip him with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in investment banking.
  • Roberto Li was born and grew up in the Republic of Suriname in South America. His mother tongue is Dutch. He visited Hong Kong with his family five years ago and was impressed by the city’s urban jungle of high-rises. Since then, he had been determined to study in Hong Kong. He was overjoyed when he received the notice from CUHK, informing him of his admission by the School of Architecture. He aspires to build beautiful and towering skyscrapers in Suriname, just like those in Hong Kong.

  • Mitul Goel from India is a student of the Integrated BBA Programme. He loves CUHK’s idyllic campus and believes that orientation activities are a perfect introduction to university life. In the college orientation activities, he has made many friends, and learned more about Hong Kong culture and facilities on campus. After the orientation activities, he was further convinced that he had made the right choice in selecting CUHK. 

  • With a Taiwanese father and a Korean mother, Chou Shiun-yi speaks Korean, Putonghua, English, Cantonese and Japanese. She has visited CUHK many times because her sister is a Year 3 student in Chinese medicine at the University. She knows the international character of our campus very well. She will study law here and hopes to focus on culture-related subjects and human rights law.

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